Flora - Australian Native Watercolour Prints

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These prints feature Australian native floral plants. 


Printed on gorgeous 300gsm paper, that is textured and resembles the watercolour paper the artwork was originally created on.


The colours in the flowers are usually quite vibrant, whereas native plants often have muted greens and browns in their foliage. 

I use a fineliner to capture details, in an almost scientific drawing style. These lines are contrasted with flowing and unrestricted watercolour to add more texture and relaxed vibes, which I believe to be fairly resemblant of the Australian way. 


So far, the series includes:
 - Corymbia ficifolia (Baby Orange Gum Tree)
 - Acacia pycnantha (Golden Wattle)
 - Callistemon citrinus (Bottle Brush)
 - Proteaceae (Protea Pink Ice)
 - Grevillea (Peaches and Cream)


Use "ORDER COMMENTS" during checkout to let me know which designs you'd like in your order. 


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