Strawbug - Fruity Transitions Series Print

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This print features a unique and abstract thought of mine. 
A ladybug and a strawberry? 

Part of a transitional series involving fruit, check out the others that go with this! 

They are bright, fun and unique. Lightening up a space with a splash of colour and intrigue!  


I also hope this series can act as a light representation for the queer community, and those who don't identify with gender norms. We can be free to express, change, transition and be as we please. 


There is good detail in the drawn element, and true to my style, a little more haphazard with my brush strokes. 


The bright red tying the two subjects together create a really fun feature for any room, to liven it up and be a bit of a conversation starter. 


You will receive a perfect reproduction of my art work, colours as bright and accurate as the original, high in detail. Printed on gorgeous 300gsm paper, that is textured and resembles the watercolour paper the artwork was originally created on. 

I have had many shocked to know it wasn't the actual painting! 


Please enquire about larger print sizes! 


Shipping is FREE within Australia for Prints.