A fantasy world Rhys is building on, where the lines blur between flora, fauna, fungi, spirit and energy.
Heavily inspired by Australian natives.


Heinous Daisy

A detailed portrait of Daisy, a Flora Being.

Warrior Daisy

Warrior Daisy, climbing into her Morel Mansion tower home to recharge after a long day protecting the Fungland Forests.

Power In Patience

This lil snail is a master of patience, wizard of restraint, maestro of composure and conjurer of serenity.
Making magic in the slow seconds of life.

You Are Flow

The state of flow, it is YOU, not something you can chase or ask for. It comes from within; somewhere between intense concentration, complete loss of thought and awareness of your existence. 

You ride the waves of your own energy, gliding through space with grace, leaving trails of your bliss, while blasting the world forward with your creation.

Scenes & Spaces.

Morel Mansion

A living housing tower, Warrior Daisy can be seen entering her doorway. The flora beings enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the tower.

Luntropic Funglands

A moonlit scene in the Funglands, towering mushroom trees shelter the forest floor below.