Rhys Delinac is an emerging artist; born in 1994, growing up in Reservoir and recently relocated to Werribee. Having worked as a business analyst until 2022, his attention now turns toward a life of creative expression and exploration.



He is currently creating with fineline illustrations and applying them to a traditional hand-poke tattoo technique, watercolour and acrylic paints. He’s most excited to share his large-scale, multidimensional sculptures, to touch communities with awe, wonder and intrigue. 



Rhys has been able to contribute his take on themes regarding ADHD, societal expectations and norms, subconscious states of flow, 'coming of age' and self reflection through his new-found practice. The expression of these themes are often inspired from his own lived experience, with the creation of artworks aiming to help reflect on internal dissonance, and challenge viewers by evoking evolution and transformation within. 



Most known for his creation “Cycles”, which occupied space at Buxstock Music Festival and by the Merri Creek in Brunswick East, where over 1000 people experienced the installation’s proof of concept. Using repurposed plastic milk bottles collected from local cafes, Rhys has a dedication in utilising materials in an environmentally conscious manner, and engaging his wider community in projects. 



Growing up in a family that spent a lot of time in the bush, forests and beaches of Victoria, he also includes Australian native fungi, flora and fauna, and the patterns seen, within his works. It is important that the land he occupies is respected, understood and honoured, and hopes his art will provoke the same respect from others. 



"I live and work on Wadawurrung Country, and I honour the traditional custodians past and present. I acknowledge the horrors and the hurt suffered during colonisation, something I so greatly benefit from. I have so much love for this wild country, it's people, plants, animals, spirit and energy that I feel so connected to."