chasing brainless focus
articial energy - prescribed cleverly


on.   clarity.   wired.   easy.   uneased.
fire.     burn out.     fire.     freeze.


i seek my rhythm
                         in mind
in  s  o  u  l


follow flow - a simple decision
for natural rhythm


harnessing turbulence in this conscious experience.
Through this work I have explored my recent ADHD diagnosis.
How it’s led to holding myself back with self doubt, rooted in a fear of non performance.
Medication giving space to unpack why I’m so afraid all the time.
The angst over whether this is just legal drug addiction.
The battle with dismissing comments like “everyone has ADHD now”.
The apprehension... is this just to fit into a societal mold, to function how I’m ‘supposed’ to?
Or is it just helping to even my playing field.
Grieving my past self.
Reflecting and learning more about him.
Questioning life ahead of me with newfound confidence and enthusiasm
the prospect of exploring life outside of 9-5.
Seeking a stronger bond with my natural cycles, interests, attention, sleep, body, energy... and I have faith that this can lead to a more content mind, body and soul.
Made using 317 milk bottles and 5000 LEDs.

Project Conception

I have been forever inspired by Melbourne's first White Night in Melbourne in 2013, seeing the awe inspiring light sculptures and projections is branded into my memory.
"I want to create experiences like that."
I created an Energy Map in 2021, called It's All Cycles. This drawing is the conceptual basis of the sculpture that was developed, in shape, lines and energy. 
We move through life leaving trails in our wake, driven by our Cycles.


On my honeymoon in 2023, I decided to throw myself into creating a proof of concept for a small music festival, Buxstock, in Tallarook, VIC.
Surprisingly, my newly appointed wife was really excited for me.
It was time to create the first iteration of that experience I've dreamed of. 
The messy physical design began conception.
I knew I wanted it to light up, but it had to have RGB LEDs that could be invidually programmed and times to music.
The solution ended up being; MANY strips of ws2815 LEDs, connected to a brain (ESP32 microcontroller), controlled by orchestration software wirelessly from my laptop.
Now I needed a material to create the shape and structure, but also diffuse the LED light to give the effect that the structure itself is lighting up.
Plastic was on my mind. It's malleuable, can be less opaque and is... kind of everywhere as waste.
HDPE was where my research landed, and connected the dots that milk bottles are a great source for this.
I emailed local cafes from our villa in Thailand, and secured some sources of plastic for my project.
I now had hundreds of stinky milk bottles to clean and process into a sculpting material.
This wasn't a fun process, but it gave me time to think through the artowrk story and the emotions and concepts I wanted to portray.


Once cleaned, they were 'processed'...cut up into what I thought would be useful shapes for sculpting.